Chapter 109 We Should Keep Our Distance

The Lan and Jiang families might have managed to keep their companies. But they were still suffering from a bad reputation and recovering from that. They couldn't possibly appear in front of Jin Fengchen and risk crossing him.

Jiang Nuannuan was furious because she truly thought that Jiang Sese had been abandoned. But it just turned out to be her slapping her own face with her own assumption.

She had a gloom written all over her face. "Why should I be suffering from all of the vicious gossips? My sisters have been calling me the other woman and avoiding me.

"Meanwhile, Jiang Sese still has her peaceful life with Jin Fengchen still around."

Jiang Nuannuan gritted her teeth. "Let's see how long this Jin Fengchen finds her interesting. He will be bored in no time, and I'll have my revenge when he abandons her."


After they left the hospital, a puzzled Jiang Sese asked, "Why are you here?"

"I was in the neighborhood."

Jiang Sese didn't respond.

"It's one thing to run into him i
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