Chapter 1093 This Is Suicide!

With Catalina’s help, Fu Jingyun managed to leave the building.

He drove to Bo Gelian’s private villa. He was speeding along the way and ran through several red lights. This attracted the traffic police.

“Stop! You, in the black vehicle. Stop! Stop!”

“Damn it!”

Fu Jingyun glanced at the rearview mirror and realized that the police were chasing him.

He floored the accelerator and tried to lose them.

However, there was also a police car coming from the opposite direction.

He was trapped.

He could only pull the car to the side.

‘Knock, knock.’

The police officer rapped on the window.

He wound down the window slowly. The officer looked down at him and said sternly, “You were speeding and ran three red lights. We suspect that you are drunk driving. Please get out of the car!”

Fu Jingyun sneered. “I’m not drunk.”

Upon seeing that he was not getting out of the car, the police slammed on the roof of the car vigorously, and raised his voice, “Exit the vehicle now!”

Fu Jingyun got
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