Chapter 1095 Gain Her Trust

Jiang Sese leaned with her back against the door and let out a long sigh.

She looked at the empty room. Her nose was sore, and her eyes filled with tears.

A moment later, she raised her hand and wiped away her tears. “There is nothing to cry about, Fengchen will come to rescue me soon.”

She believed in Jin Fengchen; she always has.

What she did not know was that Jin Fengchen did not leave here on his own, but was taken away by Shangguan Yuan.

Arriving in the city where Jiang Sese was held, Gu Nian and Fu Jingyun went straight to Bo Gelian’s seaside villa.

“If the villa is by the sea, it would be disadvantageous to our plans.” Gu Nian looked out into the horizon through the car window and frowned slightly.

There was generally no cover. A group of men approaching would easily be spotted.

“Even if it is disadvantageous, we still have to save her,” said Fu Jingyun.

He did not want to worry too much and delay saving her.

Sese could not wait that long.

Gu Nian understood that h
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