Chapter 1096 Bring Me That Woman

When the butler saw Lisa entering, he immediately greeted her, “Madam, why are you here? Mister Bo Gelian is not here.”

He sounded a little anxious.

Lisa could not help but smile and say sarcastically, “Why are you so anxious?”

The butler's eyes drifted. “I…I'm not anxious.


Lisa walked past him and looked around, seemingly looking for something.

Finally, she sat herself down and leaned on the couch and crossed her legs. She raised her head and commanded, “Bring me that woman.”

“This…” The butler was at a loss.

Mister Bo Gelian had instructed that Lisa was not to be let into the villa.

However, at the moment, Madam Lisa was already inside and even asked to see the Oriental woman.

If he were to do as Madam Lisa said, he would not be spared by Mister Bo Gelian.

However, how was he to deal with Madam Lisa?

Lisa saw that he was rooted to the spot and smirked. “Do I need to bring her down personally?”

The butler smield flatteringly. “No, Madam. However, the Master inst
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