Chapter 1099 Taken The Bait

Gu Nian and Fu Jingyun found a table just across the aisle from Lisa.

Fu Jingyun glanced at Lisa and deliberately sighed loudly.

“Luck has not been on my side lately. Nothing is going well for me.”

Gu Nian understood the cue in an instant, and followed his lead. “What's the matter? Why do you say that?”

“I was scolded by my supervisor at work, and my girlfriend broke up with me.” Fu Jingyun then let out another loud sigh.

“It's normal to be scolded by your supervisor, but in terms of your love life, that is not the case.”

When Fu Jingyun heard this, he hurriedly asked, “How so?”

“Let me do a reading for you.”

Gu Nian took out the deck of tarot cards and set them on the table. He leaned back on purpose, and said loudly in Italian, “My tarot cards will tell you what's wrong with your relationship.”

Lisa overheard and looked up at them.

It was just a brief glance.

Fu Jingyun winked at Gu Nian and signaled him to continue.

“The feelings between a man and a woman can actually be
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