Chapter 1102 Where’s Fengchen?

Fu Jingyun acted according to Gu Nian’s plan. He parked his car at the roadside opposite the villa and waited for them to appear.

Hopefully, he could bring Sese out safely.

About twenty minutes later, he saw Lisa’s man pull a woman out of the villa. Fu Jingyun quickly picked up the telescope to observe. When he saw Jiang Sese, he was overwhelmed with emotions, and his eyes teared up.

He was not sure how long it had been since they last met. Fu Jingyun restrained his urge to get out of the car to grab her. Soon after, Gu Nian pulled Jiang Sese and walked toward Fu Jingyun’s car.

The closer they got, the faster his heart beat.

Gu Nian opened the car door to the back seat. “Young Mistress, quickly get in the car.”

Jiang Sese quickly got in the car. When she raised her head, her eyes met Fu Jingyun’s intense gaze.

“Big Brother Fu!” Jiang Sese was very surprised. She never expected Fu Jingyun there.


Fu Jingyun opened his mouth. Before he managed to say anything else, he wa
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