Chapter 1103 Where Did He Go

Bo Gelian had been very busy for the past two days. His main research institute was destroyed, so he had to reorganize his research team and research institute.

“Mister Bo Gelian, I will bring the woman here as soon as possible.”

Professor Curry could not wait any longer to run the experiment to verify the efficiency of the medical drug he developed.

“Sure,” Bo Gelian agreed, but he was not quite willing to let the woman become an experimental subject.

That woman was so delicate and pretty. If he made her an experimental subject, it was really a waste to her beauty.

He was reluctant.

It was like Professor Curry could somewhat read his thoughts. He suddenly said, “Mister Bo Gelian, there are many women out there waiting for you. You shouldn’t mess this up.”

Bo Gelian’s expression turned gloomy almost immediately. He warned, “I don’t need you to lecture me.”

Professor Curry’s expression changed slightly. He lowered his head. “My apologies. I said too much.”

“Curry, we are only
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