Chapter 1111 Something’s Wrong With Sese

Lisa walked out of the room and stopped. She turned back and glanced into the room, then told Carl, “Help me book a flight ticket to Jin City.”

As she said that, she paused and frowned. “Where’s Jin City again?”

A trace of hesitation flashed across Carl’s face. He said, “Madam, actually…”

“What’s the matter?” Lisa turned around and looked at him.

“Jiang Sese is in Jin City,” Carl explained.

Instantly, Lisa’s expression changed. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” Carl replied.

Lisa remained silent for a short few seconds and suddenly laughed. Her smile was full of mockery as she said, “Bo Gelian, Bo Gelian. How did the woman charm you so much that you intend to chase her to her country?”

“Madam, are you still going then?” Carl asked cautiously.

“Of course. Why not?” Lisa squinted her eyes, exhibiting a trace of ferocity.

“This time, I will never let that woman off the hook,” she said.

Carl lowered his head. “I’ll book the flight ticket for you immediately.”

After Carl said that, he
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