Chapter 1112 Worsening Condition

Fang Yuchen waited outside with Shang Ying for about thirty minutes before the door was opened again.

Mo Xie walked out of the room first.

“How is she?” Shang Ying quickly went up to him and asked anxiously.

“We’ve kept her condition under control for now,” Mo Xie replied.

Shang Ying was finally less worried. She let out a sigh of relief as she asked, “What exactly happened to Sese?”

“After Han Yu and I checked, the pathogen in the Young Mistress’s body may be out of our control soon,” Mo Xie explained.

As he shared the latest update, his expression turned grave. The atmosphere between them stiffened instantly and became depressing.

All of them were well aware that if the pathogen became uncontrollable, terrible consequences would happen.

“You guys have to find some way.” Shang Ying panicked. “You can’t just watch Sese be tortured to death by the pathogen.”

As she said that, she lost control and cried again.

Fang Yuchen’s eyes were teary too. He hugged his mother and tried
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