Chapter 1114 Surprise

“So, what’s going on?”

The moment they went back to the room, Song Qingwan turned around and squinted at Jin Fengyao.

Jin Fengyao looked at his wife blankly and asked, “What about what’s going on?”

Song Qingwan stared at Jin Fengyao and said confidently, “Don’t pretend. You both must be hiding something from me.”

“Is that so?” Jin Fengyao’s gaze flickered as he said, “I… How could I hide anything from you? Don’t think too much.”

“Jin Fengyao. I’m your wife, and I know you best. You didn’t even look me in the eyes just now. Did you know that? You’re feeling guilty!”

Jin Fengyao fell into a short silence and smiled bitterly. “Wanwan, since you already know we’re hiding something from you, you should be able to surmise that it isn’t good news.”

Hearing that, Song Qingwan frowned. “Did something really bad happen?”

Jin Fengyao nodded. “That’s why I don’t want you or my parents to know.”

“What exactly happened?” Song Qingwan’s eyes widened suddenly as she asked, “Did something happ
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