Chapter 112 I Can't Tell

When Jiang Sese heard Jin Fengyao's question about her past, she inexplicably regained some of her sanity. She pursed her lips and said, "Can't tell, I can't tell…"

She couldn't tell anyone about that incident.

Just like that, she collapsed on the table and fell asleep.

Jin Fengyao had been so high-spirited, thinking that he would get an answer. Who knew...

He felt helpless. How could it be so hard to get an answer out of a drunk person?

Still, he could see that Jiang Sese had walled up her heart. She liked his brother but felt that they couldn't be together.

"What exactly was the reason? What made Jiang Sese think that they couldn't be together?

"What exactly happened that year?"

Jin Fengyao was itching to find the answers to his questions, but when he considered that his brother and sister-in-law would get mad, he became conflicted.

In the end, he chose to keep quiet and sent Jiang Sese home.


Jiang Sese immediately went to bed after getting home.

She was still dizzy a
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because of the jin fengchen's mother

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