Chapter 1121 Are You Tired Of Living?

In order to locate Jin Fengchen, Gu Nian sent men to various cities all over Italy to look. Unfortunately, they could not uncover any clues.

The whole office was engulfed in a depressive atmosphere.

Gu Nian pulled off his tie irritably. “Damn it! Where could Shangguan Yuan have hidden the Young Master? Why can't we find him?!”

Qisha glanced at him as she pondered, “Could they have left Italy long ago?”

He Shuhan, who was standing by the window, immediately walked over and said, “I think so too.”

Gu Nian looked at them.

He continued, “We’ve searched almost all of Italy, and there is no trace of the Young Master. Think about it; Shangguan Yuan is just one woman. It is not possible that she did not even leave one trace behind.”

Qisha nodded. “You’re right. If it was me, I can't guarantee that I would not leave any tracks behind.”

“The only logical explanation is that they are no longer in Italy.”

Gu Nian scratched his head, and said impatiently, “Then quickly check if there are a
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