Chapter 1125 This Is Too Unstylish

“For me?”

Ye Xiaoyi still did not believe it and cast an inquiring look at Fang Yuchen. “Is it really for me?”

Fang Yuchen nodded. “Yes.”

As soon as she received an affirmative answer, Ye Xiaoyi’s expression immediately took an about turn. She smiled from ear to ear, “Yuchen, you should have told me from the start. I misunderstood you.”

She pretended and complained to Fang Yuchen.

Fang Yuchen reluctantly forced a smile.

She started calling Xinwei a homewrecker right out the bat. Who would have the mood to explain anything?

“Take it off.” Ye Xiaoyi glared at Liang Xinwei.

The commanding tone made Liang Xinwei a little uncomfortable. However, she remained silent, took the necklace off, and handed it over.

Ye Xiaoyi examined the necklace, scrunched her eyebrows, and declared unceremoniously. “This isn’t stylish at all. I don't like it,” she said as she tossed the necklace back to Liang Xinwei.

The startled Liang Xinwei frantically caught it. If it was damaged, she would not be a
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