Chapter 1128 Good Boys Don’t Cry

The next day, Jiang Sese took the two children to the hospital to visit the Old Man and her mother.

Having not seen the children for a long while, Fang Xueman cried tears of joy when she saw them.

She held the two children tightly in her arms as if fearing that they might vanish at any moment.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Sese could not help but feel guilty. It was because of her that her mother and two children could not meet as often.

“Grandma, how are you feeling?” Xiaobao asked, concerned, like a young adult.

Fang Xueman smiled and nodded. “I’m feeling much better.”

Tiantian looked up at her. “When will you come back to live with us? We miss you very much.”

“I will come home once your great-grandfather regains consciousness.” Fang Xueman rubbed her head lovingly.

“Then when will Great-grandfather wake up?” asked Tiantian again.


“How soon is soon?”

“Soon means…” Fang Xueman did not know how to reply.

Jiang Sese came over. “Tiantian, why do you have so many questions t
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Angela Stevens
Good Novel and the author for this book club is sad since I have read this book I have not read any other book from this Book club apart from this book and will never read another book from here again.
goodnovel comment avatar
Angela Stevens
Also let Sese know that Xiaobao is her son...Bring Fengchen back into the story he is one of the main characters...stop delaying the inevitable you did it with Sese, now you are doing it with Fengchen,since I read this book july last year I have read over 167 books from different book clubs, GN, sad
goodnovel comment avatar
Angela Stevens
what do I think firstly you prolong the situation with this story, now you are prolonging Jin Fengchens kidnapping, this book originally started with Xiaobao, Sese and Fengchen now you have created so many others in this book, bring the storyline back to the original characters.

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