Chapter 1132 Ordinary Happiness

On the night of the birthday party, Fang Yuchen purposely did not get off work earlier. Not only that, he even worked overtime until about eight o’clock before he slowly departed to the Ye family’s residence.

While on the way, he received a call from his mother, Shang Ying.

When he answered the call, he could hear his mother’s angry voice through the phone. “You brat, you’re doing this on purpose, right?”

Fang Yuchen smiled. “Mom. If I said it wasn’t on purpose, would you believe me?”

“Do you think I would believe you?” Shang Ying asked in return.

“You won’t.”

Fang Yuchen arrived at a red traffic light and braked slowly. He said, “Mom, I had a conference call at the last minute. That’s why I’m late. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“You better be. Where are you now?”

“I’m on my way to the Ye family’s residence.”

“Did you bring any presents?”

Fang Yuchen turned aside and looked at the bag in the passenger seat. He replied, “Don’t worry. I brought it along.”

“Good. When you arri
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Tammy Evans Moore
WHERE IS FENGCHEN???? He and Sese MUST be reunited!!!!!

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