Chapter 1133 Man and Woman Alone

Ye Xiaoyi’s friends were all very noisy people. The moment they heard Fang Yuchen was Ye Xiaoyi’s boyfriend, they kept trying to toast to him.

Fang Yuchen was not used to drinking before eating. After he drank a few glasses of liquor, his stomach started to feel upset.

Fang Yuchen put down the glass and pressed his hand against his stomach. Then, he explained, “I’m not Xiaoyi’s boyfriend.”

“Not her boyfriend?”

Everyone looked at Ye Xiaoyi. Her expression turned slightly upset, and she quickly said, “Our family is planning to arrange a marriage for us. Indeed, he isn’t really my boyfriend. He’s my fiance.”

“Arranged marriage?” Fang Yuchen frowned more. “Why didn’t I know about that?”

“May-maybe Uncle and Aunty forgot to inform you,” Ye Xiaoyi said in a panic. She never expected him not to know.

“Is that so?”

Fang Yuchen’s lips twitched, and his expression turned icy. He said coldly, “I don’t feel well. I’m going out to take a breather.”

He turned around and went out immediatel
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