Chapter 1135 Sl*t, Still Want To Run?

Ye Xiaoyi went downstairs and searched for Liang Xinwei. She told her, “I’m cutting the birthday cake later, but the candles and everything else are still upstairs. Can you help me get them?”

“Miss Ye. Wouldn’t it be better if you had your maid retrieve them from upstairs?” Liang Xinwei refused politely.

It was rare for Ye Xiaoyi to speak to her so politely. That was exactly why she was wary. She was worried there was a trap waiting for her upstairs.

“I’m asking you to retrieve it, so go get it!” Ye Xiaoyi scolded her with a stern face.

Liang Xinwei knew she could not refuse her request. Without a choice, she gave in and agreed, “Alright. I’ll go upstairs.”

Immediately, Ye Xiaoyi smiled since she agreed. “On the second floor, the second room from the left.”


Liang Xinwei then ran into the villa. She did not notice that Ye Xiaoyi had a sly triumphant smile behind her.

A good show will be up soon.

Liang Xinwei found the room Ye Xiaoyi mentioned on the second floor. The
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Tupou Eileen Tauraki-Sionepeni
so where is Fenchen? why is there nothing on him being found yet 🤦‍♀️

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