Chapter 1136 You Know My Sister?

When the door was knocked open, Liang Xinwei hastily grabbed the blanket beside her and wrapped herself. Then, she just hid at the corner of the bed.


Ye Chenyun came into the room and turned on the light. Then, the room lit up brightly. At his first glance, he saw Big Guy standing at the side.

Big Guy put on a flattering smile. He greeted, “Brother Yun, long time no see.”

Ye Chenyun looked past him and saw the woman behind. She was trembling on the bed. Immediately, he grew furious and questioned, “Big Guy, have you gone mad? How dare you do such a thing in my house!”

“Brother Yun, please don’t misunderstand. I just drank too much and got excited,” Big Guy quickly explained. “Besides, she’s the one who seduced me.”

“She seduced you?” Ye Chenyun got so mad and laughed. “There are people who would try to seduce people like you?”

“That’s right. She’s the one who seduced me,” Big Guy replied confidently without remorse.

At the same time, a weak voice resonated in the room,
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