Chapter 1138 Parent’s Order

After sending Liang Xinwei home, Ye Chenyun left immediately.

Liang Xinwei watched as he drove away. She waited until his car disappeared before she went upstairs.

The moment Anan heard the sound of the door opening, he quickly ran to her.

“Mommy, you’re back.”

Liang Xinwei chuckled and replied, “Yup. Mommy’s back.”

Anan examined her from the bottom to the top and looked very puzzled. He asked, “Mommy, did you buy new clothes?”

Liang Xinwei lowered her head and looked at what she wore. She shook her head and explained with a smile, “Nope. Mommy’s clothes got dirty, so someone else lent me this.”

“Oh.” Anan felt slightly disappointed. “I thought Mommy finally learned to buy beautiful clothes for yourself.”

Hearing that, Liang Xinwei laughed. “Hey, don’t my usual clothes look good?”

“It’s not ugly. It’s just slightly old-fashioned,” Anan answered with full seriousness.

“Well, Mommy’s working at a restaurant, not in an office block. That’s why I don’t have to dress fashionably.”
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Jessica Gainey
Seriously an update about a couple of phone calls and that’s all. Nothing even happened lol just for more money. Just drag things along

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