Chapter 114 Lying in Jin Fengchen's Embrace

Knowing that Xiaobao wouldn't open the door anytime soon, Jiang Sese was resigned to her fate and found a seat for herself.

She couldn't help looking at Jin Fengchen. His eyes were now closed. She wondered if he had drifted to sleep.

She didn't dare to utter a word. All she did was stare at his face for a long time. Seeing as he didn't show any reaction, he had to be asleep.

This only made her feel more helpless than ever. Never mind the fact that Jin Fengyao got her drunk last night to get an answer out of her. Now, Xiaobao had her locked in a room with Jin Fengchen, who was resting peacefully over there. "This is a family of weirdos! Can they please consider my feelings?"

Jiang Sese wanted to wake Jin Fengchen up and make him find a way to open the door, but when she recalled Jin Fengyao telling her how hard his brother worked, she guessed that Jin Fengchen hadn't gotten a wink of sleep last night.

She couldn't bring herself to wake him, so she could only accept her fate and wai
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