Chapter 1147 I’ll Make Sure You Die A Horrible Death

Late that night.

A shadowy figure was lurking outside the old Fang Residence, their gaze directed inside the residence.

This intruder was none other than Carl.

He had promised Lisa that he would take care of Jiang Sese, but it had been more than a week and he had not been able to accomplish his mission.

The key reason was that he had no way of infiltrating the old Fang Residence. Even the perimeter wall was monitored, not to mention that there were guards patrolling the grounds round the clock.

It really was so secure that not even a fly could make it’s way in.

He watched the old Fang Residence in the darkness with annoyance.

If he did not complete his mission, Madam Lisa would never forgive him.

He grit his teeth and decided to force his way in. Just as he was about to storm in, two men suddenly appeared to block his way.

“Who are you?” He gave the two men clad in black threatening looks.

They were foreigners, like him.

Immediately, he had a thought and his eyes
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