Chapter 1150 I Don’t Like Her

Jiang Zhen quickly explained, ‘Xueman, I didn't mean it like that. I know even if I apologized ten thousand times, it won't be able to erase the harm that I have done to you and Sese.”

“As long as you are aware of that.”

Fang Xueman did not want to pursue the matter anymore and just said, “You don't need to say anything else. Come sit down, I haven't finished my breakfast yet.”

Jiang Zhen’s mouth twitched as if he wanted to say something, but he refrained and merely walked over and sat down.

The room grew quiet again. Fang Xueman ate her breakfast while Jiang Zhen watched quietly. The atmosphere was unusually harmonious.

Jiang Sese secretly opened the door and peeked inside. Taking in the scene within, she could not help but smile, and then gently closed the door.

“What are you doing?”

The sudden sound from behind startled her. She jumped and turned around to give Fang Yuchen a smack. She then said, “Cousin, are you trying to scare me to death?”

Fang Yuchen raised his eyebrows,
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