Chapter 1151 People Are Two-Faced

Shang Ying set down the package of sugar and turned to look at her suspiciously, “Why don't you like Xiaoyi? You’ve only met her once.”

Jiang Sese smiled, “Aunty, for some people, one only needs to meet them once to know who they are inside.”

Shang Ying suddenly became curious, “Then tell me, what kind of person is Xiaoyi?”

“Can I speak frankly?” asked Jiang Sese.

She did not want to upset her Aunt if she spoke her mind.

Shang Ying nodded, “Yes. It’s fine.”

“Then I shall speak my mind. Please don't get angry.” Jiang Sese reminded her in advance.

“I won’t.”

After obtaining assurance from Shang Ying, Jiang Sese spoke her mind, “Ye Xiaoyi is not as lovable as you see on the surface. The first time I met her, Weiwei accidentally stained her clothes, and she forcefully demanded that she be compensated.”

“Well, her clothes are ruined, it’s natural that she be angry, and she has to be compensated, there is nothing wrong with that.”

Anticipating that she would defend Ye Xiaoyi, Jian
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