Chapter 1153 Are You Saying That You Don’t Have Any Selfish Motives

“I wanted to ask if you are prepared?” said Jiang Sese.

“I’m ready. I’m just waiting for the day.” Fang Yuchen seemed to hold back his expression slightly. “No matter what happens that day, most importantly, you must protect yourself.”

Jiang Sese smiled. “I know.”

Fang Yuchen was silent for a moment. “I understand that you really want to find Fengchen, but please also understand the feelings of myself and Gu Nian, as well as those of my parents and your mother, as well as everyone in the Jin family. We don’t want to see you getting into trouble again.”

Jiang Sese's eyes grew moist. She nodded vigorously. “Don’t worry. You can rest assured that I will not act impulsively this time. I will put my own safety before anything else.”

Fang Yuchen reached out and stroked her head. “You'd better keep your word.”

“Of course I will.”

In fact, she understood this, even if he did not say it.

“Then wish us luck.”


The two glanced at each other and smiled.

They hoped for the best.

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