Chapter 1155 Grab Her!

Bo Gelian nodded. “That’s right. That was my initial thoughts. However, after I discovered that you were Jiang Sese, I changed my mind.”

As soon as he said this, Lisa's expression changed instantly. She no longer cared that Jiang Sese was there and exclaimed in a shrill voice, “Bo Gelian, don’t tell me that you actually like her?”

Bo Gelian chose to ignore the question, his eyes locking tightly on Jiang Sese's pure and beautiful face. The corners of his lips curled up. “Do you believe me?”

Jiang Sese asked instead, “Do you think I would believe you?”

Seeing that Bo Gelian ignored her, Lisa could no longer hold back her jealousy and used her hands to turn his head over to face hers. Her eyes widened as she shouted angrily, “I'm your wife! She is nothing!”

Bo Gelian stared at her, unmoving, for a while, then removed her hand and turned to Carl. “Take the Madam back.”

“No. I’m not leaving,” yelled Lisa. She turned and shot Jiang Sese a poisonous glare. “B*tch, as long as I'm here, y
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