Chapter 1163: Fighting For Her Life

When Gu Nian arrived at the first floor, he headed straight for the car park.

Two nurses walked past him, he heard one of them say, “I heard the ER has a female patient who suffered a gunshot wound.”

When Gu Nian heard this, he stopped in his tracks without realizing it.

“Really? How can a civilian have a gun?”

“It’s true, my friend just sent me a text saying the blood was gushing everywhere and they could not stem the bleeding no matter what they did.”

“Hang on.” Gu Nian rushed over to stop them.

The two nurses looked at him, bewildered.

“Where’s the ER please?”

“It’s down that way.” One of them pointed in one direction.

Gu Nian thanked them and sprinted away.

He did not know why, but he had a feeling that the woman the nurses spoke of was the Young Mistress.

Jiang Sese was sent straight into the operating room.

“The patient has lost too much blood, she’s going into shock. We’ll do our best to save her.”

That was what the doctor had said to Bo Gelian as he
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