Chapter 1165: That’s Right, You Are My Wife

When Bo Gelian returned to the hotel, Lisa threw herself on him when she saw him.

“Bo Gelian, don’t be angry, I also did not know that Carl would do that.” Lisa looked at him in feigned guilt.

“You really did not?” Bo Gelian looked at her, a cold light in his eyes.

Lisa looked away fleetingly, “I know you don’t believe me, but I really didn’t. I just told Carl to teach that woman a little lesson, I didn’t think…”

When she reached that point, Lisa seemed to have a sudden thought and asked anxiously, “Is she alright?”


Bo Gelian pushed her away and walked right to the living room to take a seat.

‘She’s fine?!’

Lisa grit her teeth secretly, her eyes full of displeasure. She thought that the gunshot would leave that woman on the verge of death, if it did not kill her outright.


Bo Gelian’s voice pulled her thoughts back to the present. She turned and asked with a smile, “Yes?”

“I’ve had someone get rid of Carl, so I’ll send someone else here to protect yo
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