Chapter 1184 Could You Like Her?

“What do you want my help with?” asked Ye Chenyun.

Ye Xiaoyi was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Brother, do you like Liang Xinwei?”

“What?” Ye Chenyun thought he had misheard.

“Didn't you say that Liang Xinwei was your friend's sister?”

Ye Chenyun nodded. “Yeah, but why do you think I like her?”

“If not, why are you being so nice to her?”

He even scolded her in order to defend Liang Xinwei previously.

Since they were little, he had never scolded her like that. That was why she wondered if he liked Liang Xinwei.

Ye Chenyun laughed. “I’m nice to her because she is my friend's sister. There is no other meaning.”

“Really?” Ye Xiaoyi did not believe it.

“Of course.” Ye Chenyun frowned. “What did you want me to help with? What does it have to do with whether I like Weiwei or not?”

“Well…” Ye Xiaoyi rolled her eyes and asked, “Brother, can you court Liang Xinwei? I don't mind her becoming my sister-in-law.”

She was going to marry into the Fang family in the future anyway
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