Chapter 1189 It’s For His Own Good

Jiang Sese thought that Fang Yuchen would elaborate further. However, he just said, “It’s late. Goodnight.”

He then went into the study.

Jiang Sese was speechless.

She wanted to ask for more details, but seeing that this was his private matter, Jiang Sese decided that it might not be good for her to pry.

She could not help but let out a long sigh.

Only two days ago, he said that he and Weiwei were just ordinary friends. Today, his face was radiating happiness from merely having hot pot with Weiwei.

She could not understand what he was thinking.

She hoped that he could sort out his feelings for Weiwei and not hurt Weiwei.

Jiang Sese glanced into the study and saw Fang Yuchen sitting at his desk; his head was lowered and he was staring down at some documents.

She pursed her lips, reached out her hand to gently shut the door, then headed downstairs.

As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, a hand suddenly reached out and dragged her into the dining area.

If Jiang Sese
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