Chapter 1191 Would You Fear Me Otherwise

“We have already made a police report,” said Fang Rui, “but the police said that the surveillance footage was damaged and they could not identify anyone.”

“How can this be?” Shang Ying frowned, “Who could have Yanxin offended?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Yun had more opinions to voice. She was about to refute what Shang Ying said but Fang Rui was a step ahead, “Since Yanxin got married, he has toned down a lot. He rarely goes out and messes around with those friends anymore, so we don’t know who could have done this.”

Toned down?

What an ironic statement.

If Fang Yanxin knew how to tone down, Shanshan would not have nagged and be beaten to the point of miscarrying.

“I’m going to say something harsh. What happened was all a result of Yanxin’s own actions.” Jiang Sese could not hold back her anger and finally voiced her thoughts.

Chen Yun immediately got angry when she heard that, “Sese, what do you mean?”

“I mean it literally.” Jiang Sese turned and stared at her with a calm expres
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