Chapter 1193 Keep Him Around For The New Year

In order to allow Shanshan the chance to rest better, Jiang Sese had her transferred to a VIP Ward.

When Fang Rui and the others found out, they made a point to come over.

“Sese, why did you transfer her ward, wasn’t she doing just fine there?” Chen Yun glanced at Shanshan as she said unhappily.

This woman was about to divorce Fang Yanxin, so she would not be a member of the Fang family anymore. What right did she have to enjoy the benefits members of the Fang family should?

“Aunty, this is my freedom to do so, so you can stay out of it.” Jiang Sese glared at her coldly.

Chen Yun instantly choked. It was as though her breath had caught in her chest, and it could not go up or down. It was very uncomfortable.

If it were not for the fact that she was restrained by fear of the Jin family behind her, Chen Yun would have kicked off and fought with her a long time ago.

“Shanshan, don’t mind them. You just rest well here.” Jiang Sese’s tone became a lot more pleasant when she tal
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