Chapter 1195 That’s Because I Like Her

Gu Nian’s first thought as soon as he got a day off was not to rest, but to go see Liang Xinwei.

Liang Xinwei could not help but exclaim in shock when she saw the state he was in, “What happened to you?”

Gu Nian smiled simply, “I fell.”

“How did you fall so bad?” Liang Xinwei looked over the wounds on his face, her attractive, thin eyebrows knitting together tightly, “Also, how did you fall on your face?”

The wounds on the face seemed like he had been beaten up.

Gu Nian laughed dryly, “It’s as they say, your face is in the ground, but luckily you’ve still got a good personality.”

Liang Xinwei covered her mouth as she laughed, “Don’t worry, you’re still very handsome.”

“Are you finishing work?” Gu Nian saw that she had already changed into her own clothes and had her backpack on her back.

“Yeah, I worked the day shift today, so I just got off work.”

Arching his eyebrows, Gu Nian said, “Better to arrive on time than earlier. How about this? Let me treat you to a meal, ok
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