Chapter 1196 I Don’t Like Her

Upon seeing this, Gu Nian laughed, “Don’t be shocked. I meant I like you as a friend.”

That was what it was.

Liang Xinwei let out a secret sigh of relief. She looked at Fang Yuchen despite herself.

However, he was looking down, his expression blank. It was impossible to tell what was on his mind.

Disappointment filled her heart for a moment.

She smiled bitterly, who was she to him? Why would he react?

“You only like her as a friend?” Ye Xiaoyi followed up with an intentional question.

She did not believe that a man could like a woman simply as a friend.

Without waiting for Gu Nian to reply, Fang Yuchen spoke first, “Do you still want to eat? If not, I’d like to go.”

His expression was cold, his eyes devoid of warmth.

Ye Xiaoyi could not help but shudder. She hurriedly said, “Yes, of course we’ll eat.”

Fang Yuchen glanced at Liang Xinwei from the corner of his eye. There was an imperceptible emotion in them.

When Gu Nian had said the word ‘like’, his nerves had i
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