Chapter 1199 Even If It’s Perilous

Fang Yuchen was very opposed to the idea when he found out that Jiang Sese was going to be Bo Gelian’s date.

“No way, you must not go.”

Jiang Sese laughed softly, her voice full of helplessness. “Cousin, I can’t simply decide not to go. Furthermore, he’s promised me that as long as I go, he will let me reunite with Fengchen.”

If it were not for this, why would she agree in the first place?

“You believe him?” Fang Yuchen looked at her in disbelief.

She should know better than him just what kind of person Bo Gelian was.

“I don’t, but I agreed for Fengchen.” Jiang Sese took a deep breath. “As long as I can save him, I’d willingly go, even if it’s perilous.”

She was especially adamant. Even if it was a slim chance, she did not want to let it slip.

Fang Yuchen opened his mouth, thinking to dissuade her, but the words that came out were, “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

“You?” Jiang Sese frowned. “Can you go?”

“Of course.” Fang Yuchen smiled. “Need I remind you I’m the President
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