Chapter 120 Thank Me with Your Body

Jiang Sese had no choice but to give him an awkward nod.

Jin Fengchen smiled. Holding Jiang Sese by her waist, he said gently, "Shall we go somewhere else?"

More people had gathered around, and as Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen left holding hands, the attitude of the onlookers turned from contemptuous to envious. Recalling what Jin Fengchen said, their opinion took a 180-degree turn.

"Wow, that guy was so hot! Talk about a grand entrance! Gosh, I wish I had a boyfriend like that!"

"I'm with you! And that shameless couple! That woman has stolen her sister's man, but she tried to make it sound like it was the other way around."

"I bet she was doing it out of jealousy! No one deserves to have a sister like that. Although, leaving that scumbag was a blessing in disguise. She has found herself a much better man."

"I heard that the shameless couple graduated from here. What a shame, having those two as our alumni."

Among the onlookers were students as well as outside guests. Someone reco
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very nicely put up story. characters are well balanced I just feel that Jin family should accept sese and also it should be revealed soon that xioabao is her and fengchen's son.

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