Chapter 1203 Contingency

“Hello, Mr. Jing.” Bo Gelian smiled politely.

“This must be the first time you’ve joined a ball in the country.” Jing Liuyue said with a smile.

Bo Gelian nodded, “Yes, it is.”

“Are you not going to introduce your date?” Jing Liuyue pointed at Jiang Sese who stood next to him and asked.

“This is my Venus, Sophia.”

Bo Gelian wrapped an arm around Jiang Sese’s waist tightly and he smiled widely as he introduced her.

When Jing Liuyue saw this, there was a glint in Jing Liuyue’s eyes, and the smile on his face deepened. “Hello, Ms. Sophia.”

Was he pretending not to know her?

Jiang Sese hid the curiosity in her heart and smiled. She said calmly, “Hello.”

“Mr. Bo Gelian, might I borrow your date for a moment?” Jing Liuyue pretended to ask casually.

“Hm?” Bo Gelian frowned.

Jing Liuyue arched his brows and gestured for him to look somewhere nearby. “Over there is someone my mother arranged for me to get to know. I don’t like her, so…”

He gave Jiang Sese a pointed look.
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