Chapter 121 Marriage Plan

Su Qingyin clenched her fists and stared at Jiang Sese with a malicious look in her eyes.

"That explains everything. No wonder Jin Fengchen has postponed a work appointment to attend this anniversary event. It's all because of Jiang Sese.

"He has ignored me and hurried here to see Jiang Sese. He has left me behind." Su Qingyin gritted her teeth.

She seemed to run into Jiang Sese everywhere. Su Qingyin was convinced that Jiang Sese was born to sabotage her life. She was supposed to enjoy the day with Jin Fengchen, but not anymore. Jiang Sese was here again.

Su Qingyin knew that Jiang Sese had turned Jin Fengchen down the other day. And with Jin Fengchen's big ego, Su Qingyin couldn't understand why he would still talk to that woman.

Grinding her teeth, Su Qingyin felt jealousy that was driving her crazy.

Over on the other end, Jin Fengchen still wouldn't let go of Jiang Sese's hand. Taking a deep breath, Jiang Sese looked up at the man and said quietly, "Jin Fengchen, I'm begging
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Jisna s rajan
why do I feel that this story is turning into a big pile of trash???may be my expectations were way higher than the actual story could be.
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Macoy Mylene
why always reapeting,ah

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