Chapter 1213 The One You Love Is Me

Seeing Jin Fengchen suffering, Jiang Sese slowly closed her eyes, her heart wrenching as she said in a soft voice, “Cousin, let them go.”

Fang Yuchen was shocked when she said this. “Sese, you…”

“As long as he is safe and healthy, I will be at ease.” A bitter smile spread across her face. Jiang Sese opened her eyes and her gaze fell on Jin Fengchen.

“As for the other problem, we will find another way.”

He had returned to the Capital. Therefore, she believed that it would not be long before he would return to her.

She did not believe that he would really forget her!

“Is that your final decision?” asked Fang Yuchen again, afraid that she would regret it.

Jiang Sese nodded. “Yes.”

Fang Yuchen then ordered everyone to stand down and watched as Shangguan Yuan led Jin Fengchen into the car and left.

As the car drove away, Jiang Sese's vision went dark.

“Sese!” exclaimed Fang Yuchen rushed to support her while instructing, “Song Yao, get the car.”


Song Yao brought the ca
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Jessica Gainey
What you should do is call mr and Mrs Jin, surely he will remember his own parents and his children. His mother will tell him Sese is his loving wife and this is all over!!

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