Chapter 1215 Could Not Hope To Match

’The Fang Group has suspended all cooperation with the Shangguan family.’ This headline was plastered all over the media.

There were even rumors reported by various media, speculating that Fang Yuchen failed to court Shangguan Yuan and was humiliated into anger, resulting in the suspension of business in order to force Shangguan Yuan out.

The news notification popped up automatically on Liang Xinwei’s social media app. Liang Xinwei was having lunch and initially thought it was some boring news report.

However, when she saw the name ‘Fang Yuchen’, she quickly put down her cutleries and picked up her cell phone.

She read the entire article.

After reading it, Liang Xinwei felt even more complicated.

She had previously seen the main female character in that news report in the financial news columns.

She remembered her because she was not only beautiful, but she was really outstanding.

It seemed like Fang Yuchen had a past with someone like her.

Liang Xinwei slowly set down the pho
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