Chapter 1217 You Have No Right To Lecture Me

Jin Fengchen was stunned. He set down his fork and asked worriedly, “Yuanyuan, your brother seems angry.”

Shangguan Yuan chuckled softly. “Don’t worry, he’s like that. Leave him alone. You quickly finish your breakfast, and I will take you to visit Grandmother later.”

Jin Fengchen nodded, his voice extremely gentle as he said, “All right.”

Watching as he continued to eat, the smile on Shangguan Yuan's face slowly faded, and her expression darkened a bit.

She let Shangguan Qian down?

This was probably the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard.

Back then, she worked hard to overcome all difficulties and wanted the shareholders to agree to hand over the company to her.

However, the shareholders felt that, because she was a woman, she could not bear such a heavy responsibility.

She went to ask him for help and wanted him to help her present her case to the shareholders.

Who knew…

Thinking about the past, Shangguan Yuan felt even more irritable.

Jin Fengchen finished his me
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