Chapter 1224 A Good Start

With such a strict guard and tight measures, Jiang Sese feared that she would not be able to see Jin Fengchen anytime soon. There was a sense of depression to the point of panic in her heart.

Unexpectedly, she met him in the afternoon.

While she was cleaning the dining room, Jin Fengchen suddenly walked in and asked warmly, “Please may I ask where the orange juice is?”

Her back was to the door, but when she heard the familiar voice, she hurriedly turned her head to see his deeply profound face.

“Feng-” She nearly called out his name without realizing it.

“Where’s the orange juice, please?”

Jin Fengchen repeated the question, coincidentally cutting her off. His polite and distant tone of voice made her instantly snap out of her daze.

She resisted the pain in her heart and smiled, “The orange juice in the fridge. Do you want me to get it for you?”

Jin Fengchen smiled back, “No need, I’ll get it myself.”

Watching him walk into the kitchen, Jiang Sese wrung her hands and p
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