Chapter 1226 You Knew Me From Before?

Fang Yuchen went downstairs and headed into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water to hear noises from the doorway.

He turned to look, and saw Gu Nian walk in.

“Why are you home so late?”

Gu Nian thought everyone had gone to bed, and he jumped in fright when he heard Fang Yuchen’s voice. He looked and saw it was Fang Yuchen and greeted him politely, “Master Yuchen.”

“No need to be so restrained.” Fang Yuchen walked over, “Fengyao told me you’ll arrive in the afternoon, why are you here only now?”

“I went to see a friend.”

“A friend?” Fang Yuchen arched his eyebrows, “Is it Weiwei?”

Gu Nian was very surprised, “How did you know?”

Fang Yuchen’s eyes glinted, “I took a guess.”

He went to see Weiwei as soon as he arrived in the Capital. It was clear to see he really did like her.

Fang Yuchen did not know what Weiwei felt.

Gu Nian noticed his expression and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Fang Yuchen snapped out of it and smiled slightly, “No, go up and rest.”

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