Chapter 1227 You Cannot Marry

Jiang Sese stared at him deeply.

‘I’m your wife, of course I know you.’

However, she could not say this in her current identity.

Seeing her stay silent, Jin Fengchen could not help but frown, “Answer me, did you know me before?”

Jiang Sese smiled, “No, how could I?”

“I actually thought you did.” Jin Fengchen was a little disappointed, “I forgot the past, so I really want to know what I was like back then.”

“You used to be a very kind and gentle person.”

“Huh?” Jin Fengchen looked at her suspiciously, “Didn’t you just say you didn’t know me before?”

“My meaning is I feel like you were.” Jiang Sese hurriedly explained, “Because you seem so gentle.”

“Is that so?” Jin Fengchen smiled, “Actually Yuanyuan has said that I’ve become warm, I used to be ice cold.”

‘No, you were never ice cold.’

Jiang Sese stared at him tentatively once more.

Meeting her extremely focused gaze, Jin Fengchen asked in amusement, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Ses
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