Chapter 1228 Perhaps It’s A Coincidence

Liang Xinwei did not sleep well all night. She tossed and turned thinking about Gu Nian’s confession.

She did not know Gu Nian for long, but he had treated her quite well. If she could, she should have been more tactful and less blunt.

When she reached the western restaurant and got ready for her shift, Song Ran pulled her aside and asked softly, “Did you accept Big Brother Gu?”

Liang Xinwei shook her head, “No.”

“Why?” Song Ran did not understand, “Is there anything wrong with him?”

“He’s great, but I don’t like him.”

Song Ran could not help but sigh and said in frustration, “Why are you so dumb? Even if you don’t like him you can give it a try, perhaps you will like him.”

Liang Xinwei bit her lip, “Actually…”

“Actually what?” Song Ran interrupted her impatiently, “I really will die of anger with you. It’s very difficult for you to find a man willing to take care of a child with you given your circumstances. You’ve found one despite the odds and you actually rejected h
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Tammy Evans Moore
Fengchen, remember Sese but DON’T tell Shangguan Yuan!!! You MUST escape to be with your family!!

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