Chapter 1230 Just Friends

Fang Yuchen parked the car in front of the entrance to the neighborhood and called Liang Xinwei.

“I’m at the entrance to the neighborhood. Come on out.”

There was an “Okay,” on the other end of the line before the call was hung up.

Roughly ten minutes later, Liang Xinwei appeared at the entrance to the neighborhood.

When Fang Yuchen saw her jog over, his lips curled despite himself and even his eyes softened.

“I’m sorry to make you wait.” Liang Xinwei panted lightly as she got into the car.

“You really didn’t need to rush.” Fang Yuchen smiled at her as he started the car in a deliberate manner.

Liang Xinwei was glued to her phone, memorizing her script on the way to the venue.

She was very engrossed and was mumbling her lines.

Fang Yuchen turned to look at her phone in curiosity and saw the compact block of lines of words on the screen.

“What’s all this?” he asked.

Liang Xinwei turned to look at him and smiled slightly, “It’s my script. I need to say a few words o
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