Chapter 1233 I Will Not Agree

How he felt about her?

Liang Xinwei was stunned, what kind of feelings was he talking about?

Her dumbfounded expression was pretty cute.

Fang Yuchen could not help but laugh, “Do you know why I wanted you to be my date?”

Liang Xinwei shook her head.

“My mom and dad really do want me to marry Ye Xiaoyi. However, I don’t like her, I like…”


Ye Chenyun came running over and interrupted Fang Yuchen.

“Big Brother Ye, why are you here?” Liang Xinwei looked at Ye Chenyun in surprise.

“I’ve explained everything to my parents, let’s go over now.”

As soon as he said that, he reached out to take her hand.

Seeing this, Fang Yuchen put forward his lanky leg and stood in front of Liang Xinwei, looking coldly at him, “You cannot bring her with you.”

Ye Chenyun smiled, “Why can’t I bring her with me? She’s my girlfriend.”

Ye Chenyun frowned and turned to look at Liang Xinwei and asked, “Are you his girlfriend?”

LIang Xinwei looked at Ye Chenyun and clenched her han
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