Chapter 1238 Did You Take The Necklace?

Shangguan Yuan watched as Jiang Sese left, and she pondered thoughtfully for a moment, examining the man opposite her closely.

“Why did you arrange for Shu Yun to take care of Fengchen?”

Shangguan Qian stopped in his motion of picking up some food with his chopsticks, before he continued as he said, “Like I said before, she’s the most intelligent of all the new maids.”

“Is that so?” Shangguan Yuan’s eyes narrowed, “You best not have any schemes, or else I…”

“What will you do then?” Shangguan Qian interrupted her as he put his chopsticks down and smiled disdainfully, “You’re not going to let me get away with it, or are you going to retake control of the Shangguan group?”

Shangguan Yuan frowned deeply.

She truthfully only wanted to give him a warning, she did not intend to do anything to him.

“I’m done eating, go on without me.”

Shangguan Qian stood and walked out of the dining hall without looking back.

“Is your brother angry?” Jin Fengchen asked.

Shangguan Yuan smil
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