Chapter 124 Love Triangle

Jin Fengchen said something concise on the stage. When he finished, there was that big round of applause again.

The event in the auditorium was considered to be over now.

It was just about lunch time when everyone left. The principal went up to them with a smile and said with respect, "Mr. Jin, Mr. Lu, we've reserved a place at a nice restaurant nearby. It would be a great honor for us if you would come and join us."

Lu Zheng had been sponsored by the university when he was still a student. After he graduated, he started a company from scratch by himself. The Lu Group was very successful now and he became a regular sponsor of the university as well.

That was why he and the principal were close. He didn't reject the offer. And since Jiang Sese came with him, she also had to join them for lunch.

Jin Fengchen didn't want to go. But since Jiang Sese would be going, he said yes to the invitation.

The group went to a private room reserved in the restaurant. There was a lot of people an
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