Chapter 1243 Even The Abyss

“What the hell are you doing?”

Liang Xinwei shook off Fang Yuchen's hand. She was initially furious, but now her eyes were tearing up.

She turned her head away and blinked to prevent her tears from streaming down.

She had already made up her mind to forget him, but why did he come to perturb her heart?

“Weiwei, don't cry." Fang Yuchen was at a loss.

He just wanted to speak with her.

His voice was very gentle.

Liang Xinwei could not hold back the sorrow in her heart anymore. She cried and said, “You are about to get engaged, so could you please stay away from me? I really don't want to see you again.”

Fang Yuchen felt distressed when he saw her crying.

He stepped forward and took her into his arms. He gently stroked her back with his large hands and comforted softly, “Don't cry, okay?”

“Let go of me!” Liang Xinwei was anxious and struggled desperately. “Fang Yuchen, don't give me any more hope…”

“I am sorry.”

Fang Yuchen tightened his grip and hugged her tightly.

He knew
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Tammy Evans Moore
Finally... Xinwei KNOWS how Yuchen really feels! I hope they don’t go through what Fengchen and Sese have I don’t think I could handle another heartbreak in the story!

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