Chapter 1245 I Await Your Good News

As they reached the front hall, Shangguan Yuan glanced at Shangguan Qian, who was behind her, and said in a flat tone, “Have you started preparing for my wedding?”

An imperceptible emotion flashed in Shangguan Qian's eyes and his thin lips parted. “I have asked my assistant to make the preparations.”

“Your assistant?” Shangguan Yuan turned around, her whole aura oozing with displeasure. “You left your assistant in charge of such an important event?”

“If you are not satisfied, you can do it yourself.”

Instructing him to prepare for her and Jin Fengchen’s wedding was already very cruel, and yet, he was expected to do it personally?

He was not that generous.

“You!” Shangguan Yuan was furious that she could not speak for a while.

The corners of Shangguan Qian's mouth curled up mockingly. “Yuanyuan, he is married and has children. You have to be careful with this marriage.”

Mentioning Jin Fengchen's past had to be a reminder to Shangguan Yuan that she had stolen what she now possess
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